• Messaage of Chairman
    Messaage of Chairman

    Iran’s insatiable thirst of expertise and experience learning for highly effective promotion and production has driven it to global corporate culture, experience, and knowledge sharing. Following this approach line, Pezhvac Company’s burning ambition is the development of cooperation networks in the diverse industries, agriculture and due branches, and services that its realization is not possible without broadening of constructive and effective relationships among the international counterparts.
    Pezhvac Company with the top priority of arranging technical field trips and visits to factories, farms, and production lines had been established in the hope of actualization of applicable knowledge sharing and acceleration of target reaching. Pezhvac Co. wishes its effort result in the increase of investment, collaboration, and business opportunities. Wisdom is Pezhvac company cornerstone. Its long-life interest is comprised of the short-term benefit of its customers. Correspondingly, it offers special services to its unique clients. Quality-wise services provided by Pezhvac Co. assiduous staff makes it distinctive.

    Dr. M. Sadat
    General Manager and Head of Managing Board

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