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In the current globalized village, communication establishment and following the international marketing strategies are influential in vacancy creation and promotion. Pezhvac Co. mission statement is “Stay in One Country, Succeed in All Countries” and its provided international services can lead to the win-win business relationships.

Cost-Effective, Cross Borders Services

Although on some occasions e-mail communication may be sufficient, numerous cases need to be followed up with phone calls or even personal visits. Fortunately, Pezhvac International Assistance Panel can be counted on for inter in-person fully confident and cost-effective services.

Making People and Expertise Known

Reaching worldwide audiences is the bedrocks of multinational success. In the current digital era, the pervasiveness of the advanced technologies in all aspects of human life makes business sustainability and progress simultaneously easy and tough. Makes it easy since provides greater opportunities to introduce oneself and display expertise across the world. However, lack of international languages proficiency and/or unfamiliarity with the web-based media can deprive many of effective enjoyment of modern technologies. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that mere media embracement will not bring worldwide success since when the content is not in the international users’ native language, trust building is far-reaching.
Such changes and the growing demands of personalization posed many challenges for the folk, in general, and for the top executives and experts, in particular. Therefore, polyglot assistants can aid them to use the digital revolution to their advantage. In the light of before-mentioned facts, Pezhvac International Assistance Panel decides to equip the applicants in order to cope with such challenges.

Attracting Investors

To draw your business forward you may need venture capitalist. Nowadays, the number of people trying to attract investors is not small. On the other hand, investors commonly seek information from you and make decisions based on quality. To many of them, the first impression is the last impression, so having a creative idea is as important as its professional demonstration. Effective business plans are concise, tight, and easy to read. Moreover, to show your passion and potentialities, establishing a constant connection and close relation is critical. This measurement cannot be taken unless you recognize the investors, their demands, and behavior.
To make this business journey plausible, Pezhvac International Assistance Panel is determined to support volunteers from the departure point to the final destination that is attracting a sound investment. Additionally, enjoying its companion and meticulous plan can promote companies’ development and revenue.

Reporting the Perfessional Accomplishments

Promising future is the result of well and widespread publicity of your occupation. This is due to the fact that even a cursory glance at the professional reports of your vocational accomplishments can demonstrate how well you have done things. So, to meet with a brilliant success a resume that lines up with the expected criteria, shows you up prepared, and differentiate you from the rest of competitors is needed. Considering the issue that the audience inquires and your targets determine report style and information, Pezhvac International Assistance Panel can aid you in making discipline-specific and addressee-focused reports. Moreover, it can also go further and release them purposefully in order to make you engage in a brilliant future happen to you.

Facilitating International Contact

Arguing that forming bonds with counterparts can eventually promote business development, successful associations prioritize relationships over business. Additionally, as business counterparts are usually throughout the world, they use the digital revolution to their advantage and establish online communication with each other. However, effective international communication has numerous prerequisites including:

  • International languages knowledge
  • Certain language proficiency
  • Cultural familiarity
  • Meeting correspondence criteria
  • Learning late-breaking business news
  • Immediate and concise news breaking to counterparts
  • Integrated marketing relations
  • Responsiveness

Disregarding such socially-approved customs and/or delays in engagement and response may spoil the momentum. Consequently, communication strategies and management come into play. The best solution to this problem is calling for an international team whose complimentary language skills can ensure the clear conveyance and presentation of business information. Pezhvac International Assistance Panel can cooperate closely with the voluntary organizations in terms of not only relation establishment but also relation maintenance and improvement.

Accompanying People with Various Nationalities

Certainly, respecting country or culture-specific rituals can boost international connections. Taking this fact into account, numerous formal and informal meetings are held everywhere, while being in relation with the people of different cultures and/or languages may raise different challenges. Although complication of such assemblies and rituals depends on their nature, for sure no kind is an exception. Generally, in formal meetings, compared with the informal meetings, many more rules must be considered governing behavior and etiquette. However, concerning cross-cultural communication, as an indispensable facet of international relations, the most sensible barrier is the disability to express oneself or one’s business plan in the desired way.
Correspondingly, Pezhvac International Assistance Panel decided to afford the voluntary people, companies, and organizations great opportunities to face such challenges and enjoy close contact with their international counterparts. In so doing, its cooperating native people of whichever country you wish will accompany you to hold international meetings in the best possible way.

Providing Experience Sharing Opportunities

In some cases, the cost of gaining experience is sending the business into a tailspin. Thus, to adapt to the everchanging environment and come up with the breakneck pace of the digital era in which knowledge development is thriving, knowledge exchange and experience sharing are crucial. The utmost benefits of so doing are arriving at various solutions for the same problem, raising awareness regarding highlights and challenges of the dealing procedure, and optimizing the convergence speed when solving a problem. The pace and breadth of individuals’ knowledge turnover rely on many factors including business strategies and multifaceted profession.
Pezhvac International Assistance Panel in addition to cementing a good working relationship with the current parties can identify potential ones for the voluntary organizations in order to

  1.  Initiate effective communications with intended and suggested
  2.  Provide experience sharing opportunities
  3.  Accelerate knowledge turnover

Making International Interviews Possible

Publicity seeks to get specific information across to a vast population within the shortest possible time. Nowadays, to increase public awareness about one’s contribution and intended expertise, people commonly have recourse to social media. On the other hand, the profound impact of exclusive interviews being released in the specialized international journals, press, and media is a noteworthy fact even in the current digital world. According to the evidence, priority of specialized information sources can avoid unwelcome feedbacks and accelerate people’s objectives realization to a considerable extent.
Believing in the change of publishing world, neither for the best nor for the worst, Pezhvac International Assistance Panel endeavors to take the advantages of both modern and traditional media and run expert exclusive interviews with the specialized international press. Then, it uses the web-based media for vast information dissemination. Such opportunities allow the experts to move beyond their text-based resume, shed light on their potentialities and career goals, and engage with the people who may profit them.

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