With preferences of improvement and promotion of research-driven economy, Pezhvac company provides the Iranian specialists of various fields with the worldwide study tours, particularly across European countries. However, the experience learned from years of activity shed light on the need of reliable and affordable cross-border services. The followings are some of the formidable challenges that determined Pezhvac company to offer national and international assistant services.

  1. Lack of a coherent database on international colleagues and competitors
  2. Noticeable expenses of attending specialized international assemblies
  3. Cultural and linguistic diversity among the counterparts distributed across the world
  4. Non-professional proficiency in international languages
  5. Lack of time to respond to all landed emails and correspondence
  6. Unfeasibility of producing international multimedia content
  7. Inaccessibility of diverse fields specialists to worldwide companies’ records in management, improvement,attainment>
Thus, Pezhvac company was highly motivated to bridge this gap

Iran-Bound Services

International Services

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